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Professional drag racing provides a marketing platform unlike anything other sports can offer. 


If the answer is yes to any of the following questions, then it's time we talk.

Q: Would over 1.7 million event attendees annually, 72% of whom are males with an average age of 49 and household income higher than the national average, be of value to your brand?

Q: And what if we told you that our events reach 34 of the top 50 designated market areas in the United States, and three of Canada's largest, through a 27 event schedule each year?

Q: And what if those events provided the most connected experience for any sports fan in the world through authentic, personal interactions with your brand, with the direct result being above average engagement levels, leading to superior brand loyalty?

Q: And how about if we added annual television viewership of 38 million on FS1 that focuses entirely on the competitors showcasing brands such as yours?

Q: If we had the ability to offer some of the most incredible sensory consumer promotions in sports today, would that add value to your sales efforts?

Q: Would a platform that is transportable to other consumer-based events, and has the capability to capture the imaginations of kids and adults alike, be of value to your brand?

Q: Would the opportunity to fortify relationships with your B2B, social or community partners through co-operative branding, hospitality or appearances strengthen your business?

Q: How about an opportunity to tap into a B2B marketplace that has the potential to generate new sales channels and operational benefits for your business?

All said, there is incredible potential in a partnership between your brand and Northern Force Racing. Let's get the conversation started with a get together that focuses on the needs of your business and a discussion around how the marketing assets we have to offer can be applied to a partnership catered specifically to your wants.

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