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APR 28

Consumer Interaction -  You won’t find another sports marketing property that provides the authentic personal experience that NHRA drag racing does for every single spectator in attendance.

Brand Loyalty – Because of the access they’re given to the drivers and inner workings of the events, spectators display remarkable loyalty to the brands represented through team sponsorship, repaying those that support the outstanding experience they’ve had. This not only applies in the B2C relationships formed at events, but also in the B2B interactions had at events through team-side hospitality.

Attendance Strength – Not only has the sport seen it’s attendance numbers remain strong over the past decade, while other major motorsports have floundered, NHRA Mello Yello Series events have seen growth, with sellouts as a consistent theme. This is no doubt a by-product of the incredible value spectators feel they receive through the experience the access they’re given provides.

Market Reach – When it comes to having a significant footprint on North America’s top Designated Market Areas (DMA’s), NHRA delivers, with events that reach 34 of the top 50 DMA’s in the U.S. and seven of the top 15 in Canada.

Targeted Demos – NHRA provides a strong, targeted consumer base on the strength of 72% of it’s spectators, and television viewership on FS1, being males with household income higher than the national average and an average age of just 49.

With 1.7 million spectators attending events annually, and viewership of 38 million on Fox and FS1, it’s time you looked at team sponsorship in NHRA drag racing and the success and experience of Northern Force Racing to take you there!

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