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Hello everyone.


Some of our followers have been asking what our race itinerary is looking like. Well, after a great start to the season by Jory winning the first scheduled Can-Am Super Stock Series race at St. Thomas Raceway Park, our momentum has come to a stop. It’s a real shame. Jory, Kirk, and I work so well together.

There were a couple of rainouts in the Can-Am series so we decided to take the car to the Nitro Nationals at Toronto Motorsport Park, July 1st weekend, to do some testing. Our new convertor had shown some good numbers so a couple of days of testing might reveal optimum launch and shift RPM’s as well as chassis setup.

Third run in, the car gave a ‘death’ shudder at about the 800 foot mark. This was the result of a connecting rod seizing on the crankshaft journal and finally breaking. Geez eh. A new year and we’re busted again.

It’s really disappointing because we buy the best stuff on the market, and have one of the best maintenance programs going. The thought is that the new lifters that were installed flowed a lot of oil to the top-end of the motor, not leaving enough in the pan for the oil pump sump to pick up during negative lateral G’s in the shutdown area. At any rate, there was major damage and it’s back at Rob Carpenters shop in Niagara Falls.

The good news is that our association with has turned out to be excellent. These mini golf carts are exactly what some teams have been looking for and the response has been super.

And speaking about these carts, our Aspire RS was more than capable of towing the race car from the top end of the race track to our pit area. Very impressive. Ray Bonin, the owner of Kangacruz and I have already discussed continuing our deal into next year. That would be great.

We are going to be down for two very important races here in Ontario, the Mopar Nitro Jam at the Grand Bend Motorplex, and the NHRA National Open at Toronto Motorsport Park. There are more races on the schedule we’ll be able to attend, including the NHRA Division Three Regional race in St. Louis, Missouri, but these two local events always have a priority.


Take care….Bob.

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