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Over the past several years the term MOvember has gained plenty of traction as a way to raise funds in support of men’s health issues, with men around the world growing out their moustaches in support of the cause.


This year the Northern Force Racing team decided to officially get in on the action by growing their MO’s to show support and the results were nothing short of outstanding.   “I’ve personally been growing my stache out for the past three years when MOvember comes around,” said driver Jory Elliott. “This year I thought it’d be fun if we put a team together and I even convinced my dad (Team Owner, Bob Elliott) to grow his out for the month. I mean, the guy had a mean stache in the 80’s so I thought at the very least he could revisit some of his former glory.”  


The team set a modest goal to raise $500 over the course of the month long fundraising campaign, but a late-month surge, due to some well-timed contests, pushed the final tally to more than $1,100.  


The first of those contests was the offering up of an autographed copy of Bob Elliott’s autobiography, From Bic-A-Bah to Nitro, My Life With Wheels, to the highest individual donation that came in. That prize was eventually won by Sam Forbes with a high bid of $100, which at the time pushed the team past its $500 goal, with about a week remaining in the fundraising campaign.  


The second contest, and the one that ultimately put the team over the $1000 mark, was an impromptu bet between teammates. “My teammate Shamus (Weiche) challenged me to a one-on-on competition to see who could raise the most money individually, with the loser having to keep their stache for the month of December,” said Elliott. “At the time we made the bet I had him covered by about six bucks, so I was off the starting line in pretty good shape. But then he came outta nowhere and blew me out of the water with a $350 donation on the second to last day of the month. Had I known he had an ace up his sleeve like that I probably would have thought twice before taking the bet,” laughed Elliott.  


In the end a lot of fun was had by everyone involved and a significant contribution was made to support research for cures to common health issues that men encounter over the course of their lives.  


The Northern Force Racing team would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that made donations and to those that offered their support to the cause.

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